Preparing For Your Portrait Session

Capturing Lifes Moments

The Session Flow

Anticipate multiple combinations of your group being photographed (i.e., whole families, just the kids, couples, etc.) Extended family members are most welcome. A $25.00 charge is incurred for each additional person beyond your immediate family. In group portraits, special attention should be placed on coordinating clothing colors and styles. This will make the group look like they belong together and assure nobody stands out inappropriately. As a group, it is best that you stay within one or two different color for tops and wearing the same or similar colored slacks or skirts.

How to Dress

Clothing plays a vital role in the success of your portrait. What you wear should be a subtle but a well designed element of your picture. It is important to choose attire that does not distract the viewer from looking at your facial expression. In most cases, solid and simple fabrics work well. However, textured clothing is very nice, such as sweaters. Long sleeves and long pants are best. V-Necks are often very flattering for women. Avoiding busy patterns, logos, stripes and bright colors will keep the focus on the most important part of the picture. Fitted clothing with a well defined waistline are always the most flattering in portraits. Choosing colors from nature is always a good choice such as greens, browns, blues, etc. Use our website and the additional attached images to see examples of clothing styles, color and fit. Feel free to bring a change of clothing if desired.

Hair & Accessories

Hair cut appointments should be made approximately 2 weeks before your appointment. It is best not to change your hairstyle until after you have viewed the proofs in case you need to schedule a second shoot. Be sure to bring hairbrushes, spray, etc. Prior to your session, please notify Terry about anything you want to receive special attention. For example, eye glass glare, physical disabilities and physical traits to be highlighted or minimized. Remember our goal is the same as yours - a beautiful, flattering portrait to be treasured for generations to come.

Be Creative

Dogs, cats, chickens, horses, lizards, bunnies...we have photographed them all! It is helpful to bring treats that Terry can use to capture your pets attention.

A change of clothing is also great and can add a totally different look (a shawl, hat, sweater, jacket, etc.). Also sport uniforms, dance costumes, ice skates, etc. gives each individual a chance to share in images what their interests and lives were like at this time. Holiday Mini session time frame does not allow for clothing change.

It is a lovely touch to include mementos/gifts you have received that are meaningful to yourself and those who gave them to you. A good example might be family jewelry or article of clothing (christening outfits) that has been passed down through the generations. In addition you might also consider a book, musical instrument, bicycles, fishing poles, etc. that reflect special times shared with a family members. This is a wonderful way of preserving the memory of those moments forever.

Most Important, Have Fun!

Terry truly loves what she does and feels it is an honor to have this opportunity to document part of your family history. She hopes everyone will enjoy themselves and find the whole process to be a wonderful experience for your family. To capture those really special expressions and moments, she will create an atmosphere of fun and joy. To accomplish this, she will allow children the opportunity to play, laugh and feel good about them selves. Once on location, it is really important to the process that the kids take direction from Terry. This is a chance for you to relax and know that she will notify you if she needs assistance. When preparing for your sitting, it is best to down play its importance to the kids. This helps to lower stress level for all. Problems getting everyone dressed...? Just bring the clothes you want them to wear and they can change on location.

Final Tips

  • Be sure everyone is well rested and well fed prior to the sitting.
  • Bring brushes and hair products for touch ups.
  • For little ones, be sure to bring wipes, change of clothing and a bottle. Also bring a blanket for them to sit on. Light/pastel colors are best.
  • If your child has special needs, be sure to let Terry know so that her approach is appropriate to the needs of the child. This would include physical, emotional and developmental challenges and needs.
  • If you have any questions...just contact us by phone or email.We are eager to help!

don’t stress... We Guarantee Our Process & Our Work

If for any reason we don’t meet your objectives at the first session we are happy to provide a second session at no additional charge.