Preparing For Your Marketing Photo Session

Communicating Your Personality, Brand, and Professionalism to Customers

The Consultation

The pre-session phone consultation is an opportunity for Terry to get to know more about you and your vision for your photo session. She will offer suggestions about how to accomplish your goals and plan the date, time, and location for your session. Terry has a professional marketing background and can offer expert guidance regarding professional branding images.

Professional Headshot Session

Terry will discuss your industry and the appropriate style of image, as well as background options, clothing, mood of image, and determine the number of images you need based on how they will be used. (For example: printed marketing materials, website, social media, etc.)

Terry will guide you in clothing selection, accessories and any desired props. Sessions are held at St. Mary’s College in Moraga for the easily accessible variety of background options, unless otherwise agreed upon.

The Entrepreneur Session

Terry will cover everything listed above, as well as a more in-depth dialog around your business model and marketing strategy. We will review your current brand image and determine if your session is to enhance it or to develop a new brand.

Terry will offer suggestions for images that will best represent your brand. For example: Do you want the photo shoot held at your office or outdoors? Would you like to show yourself working or with your clients? Do you have products that you want to include in your photo shoot (art, furniture, technology, fashion, book, etc.)? Planning ahead of the photo session will insure that we capture effective and dynamic images that support your marketing and sales strategy.

The Corporate Session

In addition to the items listed above, Terry will talk with you to get a clear understanding of your company’s brand and corporate culture. She will also discuss what department will be using these images and for what purpose. The consultation might include several people from your organization who are key stakeholders in the application of these images.

Terry will request a pre-session list of all employees being photographed, so she can create a clear strategy for the management of the photo shoot, timeline, and sequence of who and where each person will be photographed. Terry can offer strategic insight into how these images can be effectively used to meet your objectives. We will discuss the value and use of an annually updated portfolio of images that can be effectively used for brand marketing and client communications.

The Photoshoot

Prior to your session, Terry will discuss location options that best meet your professional objectives, and will send location address, time and meeting place for your session via email. If your session requires a unique location or place of business that is new to Terry, she will want to arrange for a pre-session site visit to best determine availability of high-quality natural light and create a session game plan based on the number of people and marketing objectives, use of props, products, etc.

Anticipate working in multiple settings at the chosen location. This will give you a wide variety of images to choose from and creates a fun and relaxing atmosphere for the session. Throughout your session, Terry will provide detailed direction on how to pose your body, place your hands, use of props, change of clothing, etc.

How to Dress

Clothing plays a vital role in the impact of your headshot, portrait or group. What you wear should be a subtle, but well-designed element of your picture. It should reflect the culture and brand image of the company you own, work for, or hope to work for.

It is important to choose attire that does not distract the viewer from looking at your facial expression. In most cases, solid and simple fabrics work well. However, textured clothing is very nice, such as sweaters. Long sleeves and long pants are best. V-necks or scoop necks are often most flattering for women. Avoid busy patterns, logos, stripes and bright colors. Fitted clothing with a well-defined waistline is always the most flattering in portraits.

Please do not wear black and white. These colors do not photograph well and negatively affects the camera metering system and generally speaking white is less flattering in images. It is much better to wear cream versus white. Grey and blues are nice. Browns can be nice in outdooring settings. Terry recommends wearing clothes that flatter your eyes and skin tone within the color families just mentioned. A little jewelry is nice, as well as light make up that flatters your eyes, cheeks and lips.

In group portraits, special attention should be placed on coordinating clothing colors and styles. This will make the group look cohesive and assure that nobody stands out inappropriately. As a group, it is best that you chose one or two different colors for tops and wear the same or similar colored slacks or skirts. When photographing multiple people together, she suggests that each of you bring a few outfits and I can help you coordinate the group.

Hair & Accessories


  • Haircut appointments should be made approximately 2 weeks before your appointment.
  • It is best not to change your hairstyle until after you have viewed the proofs, in case you need to schedule a second shoot.
  • Be sure to bring hairbrushes, spray, etc.
  • For woman, you may want to get your hair professionally styled or blown-out on the day of your session. Well styled hair makes a big impact on your image.


  • If you normally don’t wear makeup, a little makeup that flatters your eyes, cheeks and lips is encouraged. If you normally wear makeup, then you may want the application to be a little heavier for your session. Again, we can adjust this in the retouching process.


  • Jewelry is nice and brings light and attention to your face. It is encouraged as long as it reflects the culture of your work environment. Feel free to bring several selections to use during the sessions.


  • If you wear your glasses all the time and want to be photographed exclusively with them, please be sensitive to the response of light to transition glasses. Terry encourages you to borrow a similar style pair from your eye doctor that are not going to get darker based on sunlight. Our retoucher is truly an artist, but this can be a challenging fix and well worth the effort of borrowing a pair of glasses.

Special Concerns:

  • Prior to your session, please notify Terry about anything that you want to receive special attention. For example, eye glass glare, physical disabilities, or physical traits to be highlighted or minimized.

Let’s Be Creative

We are delighted to incorporate props that assist in effectively conveying your brand message or create uniqueness in the look and feel of your images. Your images can be a way of telling your clients who you are and express your values.

For example:

  • For an interior designer, we might show you working in a client’s home or in a supplier’s location surrounded by fabrics or furniture.
  • For an author, it might include a copy of your book, a cover of magazine showing your article, or a larger group of people all reading your book.
  • If you want to convey you love animals, bring your pets.
  • If you love the outdoors, let’s go to a park or body of water.
  • For a realtor, we may want images of you in front of a home you just sold or in key locations of the markets you serve.
  • If you want to convey an international feel to your business, a trip to San Francisco may be in order.
  • Images in your offices can tell your clients a lot about your company values and culture.

Final Tips

  • Most importantly - Relax and have fun! It will be expressed in your images.
  • You are in good hands. Terry is very experienced and she’s got this.
  • Be sure everyone has eaten and is well rested prior to the session.
  • Bring brushes, hair products, and makeup for touch ups.
  • Remember our goal is the same as yours – capturing beautiful, flattering images that work for your unique marketing needs of growing your business, getting the job, or promoting brand.

don’t stress... We Guarantee Our Process & Our Work

If for any reason we don’t meet your objectives at the first session we are happy to provide a second session at no additional charge.