Professional Headshots & Corporate Photography Pricing

Elevate your professional brand and/or your company's presence with professional headshots and engaging photography for corporate marketing. Images are everywhere and a driving force behind creating successful marketing strategies. The most effective images create a connection with clients, build trust and showcase your greatest asset, your people. Professionally captured images convey the experience and value of your products and services. We offer five types of professional sessions to meet your needs as outlined below.

What is included

Our all-inclusive pricing includes your consultation, session and ordering appointments, as well as all of the full resolution images in your private online gallery. See detailed pricing by session type below. If you have additional questions check out our frequently asked questions.


Most consultation calls are less than one hour. Doing this appointment, we will get to know each other, discuss location, clothing and how to prepare. We will also discuss your goals and how you plan to use your images. We will review our product offerings.


Terry creates a relaxed, supportive and fun environment. She will guide you through the whole process providing clear directions for posing and, when appropriate, client engagement, product placement or a demonstration of your companies services. Your images will be online in a private gallery within 7 days of your session.


During this one hour call we will show you have to download your images. I am happy to help you select from your images what might be best for your application. We can review any retouching requests and provide you with an estimated cost.

Session Types and Pricing

To reserve your date your session fee is due when you book your session.

Classic Headshot Session: $525

Our Classic Headshot session is our most popular and takes approximately 45 minutes. During your session you will be captured in a variety of natural, beautiful backgrounds. You have the option to change into multiple outfits.  This session is perfect if you are looking to use your image in multiple ways including: websites, social media platforms, marketing collateral, articles, and more. Showcase your personality and range of professionalism to different types of clients/employers.

Your session includes:

  • 60 Minutes
  • 35+ images in gallery
  • Multiple Clothing Changes
  • Ordering appointment not required

Mini Headshots Session: $375

When all you need is one professionally captured image, our mini headshot session is exactly what you need. It is quick, easy and includes one digital image that you choose from a selection of approximately 8 images presented in your private gallery.

Your session includes:

  • 20 minutes
  • 8+ images in gallery
  • Includes one retouched image
  • Additional retouched images $75 each
  • Ordering appointment not required

Marketing/Branding Session:
$425 per hour

When you are looking for images that will attract your ideal client, build trust, showcase your talent and extend your brand, our marketing branding session is perfect. These sessions are intended for entrepreneurs and small companies.

You know your business would be better served by captivating images that are specific to you, your brand and especially your ideal clients. You also know that stock photos just do not offer exactly what you are looking for.  Our sessions are easily scalable to your specific needs. We require a two hour commitment per session, but are happy to provide additional time as needed. Included in your session can be headshots, product images, client engagement shots and more.

Your session includes:

  • 2-hour minimum
  • Each additional 30 minute (or partial) segment is $200
  • Includes multiple clothing changes
  • Includes products and client engagement images tailored to your brand
  • Assistance with staging is included in session time
  • Multiple locations. Travel time included as part of session time

On-site Corporate Photography:
$475 per hour

We come to you in your environment so our On-site Corporate sessions are highly efficient and cost effective.  During your session we can create consistent, professional, flattering headshots to elevate the professionalism of your website, collateral, annual reports, etc. Each employee only needs to step away from their work for a very short period of time. While on location we can capture informal gatherings of your employees and teams collaborating that communicate your corporate culture and tell the story of your company, as well as attract new talent. When appropriate we can capture client engagement and demonstrate the use of your products and services.

Your session includes:

  • 2-hour minimum
  • $375 daily set up fee
  • $225 for each additional, same day 30 minute segment. (or partial segment)
  • Assistance with staging is included in session time
  • Multiple locations. Travel time included as part of session time

Real Estate Photography:
$350 per hour

When you are looking for more than the standard real estate images, we are happy to be of service. We work closely with your agents, staff and management to highlight the unique features of your high end properties. Our images help to convey how the property could be enjoyed and the essence of the home. Our goal is to convey in images how the future homeowner would feel and live in the property. We can offer assistance in staging a specific room or outdoor environment in a way that is best captured photographically. When appropriate you can include people in the images

Your session includes:

  • 2-hour minimum
  • Each additional 30 minute or partial segment is $175
  • One home
  • Internal, External or both
  • Assistance with staging is included in session time

Optional, additional services. Request proposal for:

  • Lighting equipment and lighting specialist
  • Additional cameras
  • Additional photographer
  • Hair and make up

Only the best of the best images from your session will be placed in your gallery. Each image in your gallery is individually evaluated and has been artistically cropped and the color balanced and tonality have been ideally set.  If you want to adjust your images we are well known for the beauty and authenticity of our retouching services

Retouching Services

Our retouching services include:

  • Smooth out skin tones
  • Removal of blemishes and scars
  • Removal of glass glare, braces and double chins
  • Lighten dark circles & soften wrinkles
  • Whiten teeth
  • Head transplants from one image to the another to create that ideal family image
  • Fill in hair gaps, color your roots or clean up stray hair
  • Clean up distracting elements: dirt on wall, debris on ground, etc.
  • Hot lighting spots on faces, bodies and in background
  • A little bit of body shaping/slimming can go a long way
  • And more!!!

Retouching begins at $15 per image
Final charges will be based on the complexity of the request.

Frequently Asked Questions